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Health measures

This page is dedicated to health measures related to COVID-19. It is updated regularly based on information and decisions issued by federal and cantonal authorities.

All norms published by the authorities are available on and

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can email us at this address:


What access rules apply at the Christmas market?

Access is subject to federal and cantonal directives regarding large fairs and catering of all kinds. This means that the quays and stands of the Christmas market are freely accessible as long as everyone applies socially distancing and disinfects their hands. From Saturday 4 December, masks are required everywhere on the Christmas Market, both indoors and outdoors.

However visitors aged 16 and over must be able to present a valid Swiss or Swiss-compatible 2G-Covid certificate (including a QR-code) as well as an ID (i.e. identity card, passport or driving license) which means that they have to be vaccinated or recovered. These two documents are compulsory to access indoor chalet-restaurants, the Light on Ice attraction and the «Maison du Père Noël» (Santa Claus’s house). If one or both of the documents is missing, access is forbidden.

The access to the «Cabane des Bûcherons» (Logger's Cabin) and the Hunter's Place is still possible with a 3G-Covid certificate (vaccinated, recovered, tested).

Visitors aged to 12 to 15, do not need a Covid certificate, but must be able to prove their age with an official identification document.

IMPORTANT > Prior to coming, please check that your Covid certificate is valid on the day of your visit. If you have Covid symptoms, do not visit the Christmas market.


What health protection measures can you expect at Montreux Noël ?

We are fully committed to both your enjoyment and safety in all areas of the Christmas market and for its entire duration.
Here’s an overview of our daily activities :

  • Limiting access to the indoor chalet-restaurants, Light on Ice and Maison du Père Noël to visitors with a 2G-Covid certificate (vaccinated/recovered - from 20.12.
  • Limiting access to the Cabane des Bûcherons, and Hunter's Place to visitors with a 3G-Covid certificate (vaccinated/recovered/tested)
  • Checking Covid certificates and ID at all above mentioned locations
  • Providing hand sanitiser stations
  • Ventilating enclosed spaces regularly
  • Cleaning and disinfecting public spaces regularly
  • Increasing frequency of cleaning
  • Reminding exhibitors, visitors, service providers and partners about hygiene rules
  • Set-up for Samaritans at the market
  • Prioritising contactless payments where possible
  • Blocking access to people with Covid symptoms
  • Providing testing for exhibitors and all market staff
  • Providing masks to people asking for them
  • Control wether masks are worn


Who has to show which documents and at what age?

The following documents must be shown the first time a visitor wants to access an area requiring a Covid certificate. Documents must be shown even if the visitor is fully vaccinated :

People aged 16 and over (visitors, exhibitors, service providers, performers and staff): Covid certificate (including QR-Code) and official identification (identity card, passport, driving license)
Children aged 12 to 15: official identification (for age-checking purposes only)
Children under 12: no checks.


Can I get a Covid test at the market?

Yes. The Pharmacy "du Jazz" provides the visitors with a disposal for tests, located on the Place du Marché, next to the Big Wheel. It opens every day, from 10am to 7pm. Price per test from 30 CHF. As it's likely to be in high demand, please use one of the cantonal testing centres if you can.

Here’s a list of centres for the Canton of Vaud:

IMPORTANT > Ensure you get a valid Swiss or Swiss-compatible Covid certificate, including a QR-code. No other kind of evidence will be accepted (certificate without QR-code, letter, SMS, auto-test etc.)


If I have a Covid-related doubt or Covid-like symptoms, what should I do?

If you or a member of your family or friends has had Covid-19 symptoms, even light ones (fever, sore throat, breathlessness, chest pains, loss of smell and/or taste) at any time during the ten days prior to visiting the market, please stay at home or in your accommodation for the safety of all.

IMPORTANT > Should symptoms appear during your visit, leave the market immediately and follow FOPH guidelines.

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